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disappears... with a hand-cd criminal behind the wheel. w managed to make his a san jose police van disappears with a handcuffed criminal behind the wheel. how the man managed to make his getaway. >> they're calling him a person of interest in kevin collin's disappearance.
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>> it's been dry for the entire month, but there are some showers on the way. a parole violator gave poli the slip tonight. get this: he was cuffed, but still mad to comandeer a police van a drive away. k-p-i-x 5's kiet do shows us how. k a parole violator gave police the slip tonight of the he was handcuffed but still managed to comdeer a police van -- xhan deer a xhan deer a >> reporter: this is called double cuffing. ironically, the officers were trying to help this guy out when he took advantage of them. anthony sanchez is a husky guy. 5'8", 275 pounds. he had violated his parole on a drug violation. so police came to his resident to
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arrest him. they double-cuffed sanchez because he couldn't get his arms close enough together. they then put the 32 yield in the back of a mini-van and dropped some papers on the ground. >> it literally took a couple second, and the suspect clipped his cuffs, was able to slide into the driver's seat and flee the scene. >> reporter: a tenant had just left and the apartment gate stayed open just long enough. officers swarmed the area. and two hours later, they found it. sanchez parked it in a neighborhood a mile away and took off. all the police equipment including a hand-meld radio was still on the front seat. there were no weapons inside. >> now it's just going back to square 1 is finding our suspect. >> reporter: it's common practice for officers to leave keys in the ignition if they're going to be near the vehicle. investigators will look into what happened and review policy and procedures if needed. jason
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dwyer is keeping things in perspective. >> when everybody goes home, and all our equipment is accounted for, it can't be that bad of a day. >> reporter: and so the parole violation was not that big a deal, but now he's in a lot more trouble facing additional charges of escape think and vehicle theft. police are keeping tight-lipped about the murder of a teenaged girl. the body of janelle allen was found friday in fairfield. it's not known who did it, why, and police won't say how she was killed. >> the police department is not releasing the cause of her death at this time. it is not appropriate. the time and place will come later on. at this point we will continue our investigation. >> your help is needed. anyone who may have seen anything suspicious is asked to call fairfield police. 26-year-old raleigh butler
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of petaluma, died during a drug deal. investigators say they were in a bedroom with a significant amount of marijuana. no suspects have been arrested. it's a case that has haunted san francisco police for nearly 30 years. what happened to kevin collins? tonight investigators say this man may have taken the secret to his grave. he's been a suspect from the start. >> reporter: at the time he was known as wayne jackson. but the man in the spotlight now went by many names before dying of natural causes in the sunset here in san francisco in 2008. >> this case is a case that haunts the san francisco police department and the city of san francisco and has pretty much throughout the entire careers of everybody that's standing here. >> reporter: a fresh look at the crime led to the search of
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jackson's old home where jackson and his roommate lived just blocks away from where kevin collins disappeared in 1984. jackson was a suspect from the start because thee years earlier, he spent six months in jail for lewd acts on a 7-year-old. >> he had a dog similar to the dog that the suspects were seen to have. >> reporter: still at the time, police came up short. >> he was detained, interviewed, allowed a search of the same house we just did the search warrant on, and a photo spread was shown to the two witnesses that described the suspect with the large black dog, and they weren't able to pick him out of the family code spread. >> reporter: what police didn't know is that jackson was also wanted in canada under another name. >> for a 1973 incident where he allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted two juveniles. he was never apprehended because of the
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multiple identities he used. >> reporter: police are asking anyone that may recognize the suspect or have any information about him from those years to get in touch with the homicide department because they're still intent on solving this mystery. the rain is not here yet, but we're looking at it moving in as soon as the morning commute tomorrow for some of you. it's been dry all month, most of the past five weeks burk look to the north and we see some showers due west of redding, working its way south overnight. while yearsleeping in tomorrow, we -- you're sleeping in tomorrow, we will see some showers. the water vapor map here, the lighter colors is the deeper moisture. what's going to stay north of us. we'll get some showers, but
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anything to put a dent in our rainfall deficit i don't see coming from the system. we'll talk about any other chance was rainfall coming up. checking bay area headlines, muni is blaming a stray bolt for a cable car accident that sent seven people to the hospital. it stopped the train abruptly. investigators are trying to particular out how the bolt got into the track. workers at a uc berkeley office in emeryville are trying to figure out why a bomb threat was phoned in. it forced the evacuation of two buildings this morning. an intensive search turned up nothing. investigators are looking for the source of a fatal fire in san leandro. the body of a man was found inside the burning home on neptune drive just before dawn. first responders
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performed cpr but could not revive him. the dot com hiring boom is back. the growth is not just high-tech. the technology hiring is having a ripple effect fuelling a sunge in -- surge in construction too. and that means materials are needed and a workforce to supply them. >> reporter: from garden to paint to home improvement. home depot is hire other in a big way. the company announced it's increased its annual seasonal hire big 14% to 80,000 -- hiring by 14% to 80,000 employees nationwide, 1,500 right here. hiring manager jessica miller says it's much needed. >> people are doing more landscaping, starting to build more outside and around their
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house. >> reporter: good for the economy and the job market. >> i'd be surprised if they get the word out. they don't get five, ten applicants for each job. >> reporter: labor experts say 1,500 jobs from one employer is extremely rare n. home depot's case, it's due to the housing rebound. he warns the real estate boom doesn't necessarily translate to a rebound in construction. >> construction employment is on the upside. it's still far below what it was five years ago, but it is slowly increasing. >> reporter: many seasonal hires are finding a permanent home at the depot. >> here you go. >> probably about 30% of our current associates started out as seasonal workers. >> reporter: associates like randy who was one of last year's seasonal hires. in a competitive job market, randy says the ease of the seasonal hiring process came as a welcome relief. >> once i got to home depot and
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applied for it, it was pretty easy. it was instantaneous. >> and you're still here? >> and i'm still here. >> reporter: home depot says half of its full-time employees began at seasonal workers. for more information on openings, head to coming up, coming to the rescue in a bizarre rampage. >> ran up behind with a hatchet, smash, smash, smash! >> the strange chain of events that turned a hatchet-wielding hitchhiker into a hero. >> and chris brown back in an l.a. courtroom. the unlikely supporter who joined him for the proceedings. >> and love leaving its mark on one woman. a short courtship that led to a permanent tribute to her fiance.
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the next few months. a decision to allow gays into the boy scouts has been put off for the next few months. their national leadership says the organization will act on the resolution at its national meeting in may. the announcement comes as both sides lobby fiercely for keeping or doing away with the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. the internet is burning up with the story of an unlikely hero. a hatchet-wielding homeless hitchhiker who took matters into his own hands when his ride went on a rampage. the driver smashed into a pg&e
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worker in fresno because he is black. allen martin kicks up the story from there. >> he was driving down this way, like, you know what? i come to realize i'm jesus christ and i can do anything i want to! and watch this! bam! and he smashed into the guy right there, pinned him in between the truck! >> reporter: homeless passenger key was in the passenger seat when this all went down. >> the guy went crazy and was trying to pull the guy from underneath the car and the truck. and he tried to move the car. >> if he started driving that car around again, there would have been a lot of bodies around here. >> he kept saying he's jesus kriet and he's going to save -- christ and he's going to save all of us, and he used the n word, and we need to get them out. >> reporter: he went to the hospital for surgery for nonlife-sleng -- threatening
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injuries. >> he runs up and grabs one of them. like a guy that big could snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. so i just ran up behind him with a hatchet, smash, smash, smash! >> reporter: and that's what tanya said saved her life. and key, the homeless hitchhiker, didn't care the suspect was more than 6 feet tall. >> she was in danger. he just finished what looked like at the time killing somebody. and if i hadn't have done that, he would have kill mored people -- kill mored people. some important traditions are coming to an end. the u.s. postal service is ending is the home delivery. the post office says it will go to a 5-day service by the end of the summer. package delivery will continue on saturdays. the postal service says the cutback will save it about $2 billion a year. and monopoly making changes too. the board game will no longer include the iron
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token! in its place, a cat token will be added. the cats beat out the robot, diamond ring, helicopter, and guitar. one of the most popular sports bars in our area is celebrating a big birthday tonight. julia is at the 7-mile house on the peninsula, same location where customers have been gathering since the 1800s. >> reporter: karaoke, no doubt! the house is commemorating a huge milestone, 1 synthth anniversary cell -- 160th anniversary celebration. it is the only mile house left standing in its original location in the bay area. >> reporter: the house opened its doors in 1853. this live muse and i can karaoke sports bar and grill was once a pony
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express route and stagecoach stop. it's exactly 7 miles to the ferry building in san francisco. >> almost every mile from the ferbuilding to instoedz, there was a mile house -- to san jose, there was a mile house. and they were rest stops for horses. >> reporter: it spanned decades from brothel, biker, and trucker hangout to sports gambling den. and now 49 faithful hangout. >> it's a legacy. just like the '9ers . and i love it here. we'll keep coming here , and i hope it stays here forever. >> reporter: photos of the original 7-mile house owners are displayed on the wall. the new owners, a filipino family. tonight's celebration entree. >> we continue our support of this establishment. it will never die. >> reporter: some say the 7-mile house is haunted! others say that's not the case.
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it's just filled with rich history inside. but i can tell you, it's filled with some budding rock stars tonight! guest there chris brown was in court today for a probation violation hearing with a surprise guest there to support him. rihanna sat right behind her ex-boyfriend along with his mother. prosecutors accused brown of faking the community service he was sentenced to perform for assaulting rihanna in 2009. they wanted it to start over. but brown's attorney says his client did the work. >> i've already received at least ten e-mails in the last 24 hours. from not only police officers but firemen who also observed chris to be doing his community service. i've got pictures, i've got witnesses. >> a judge has asked the l.a. county probation department to investigate. exit the dragon, enter the snake. the lunar new year this
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weekend ushers in one of the less favorable signs in the chinese zodiac. but the snake also represents traits like cleverness and agility. and one fortune teller told us that's what will make this year of the snake a good one. >> people have to use this snake spirit to go back to work as well as making changes to their career and to their family. >> we saw plenty of people stocking up on new year's decorations today, especially in red and gold. the popular colors represent good health and good fortune. there is talk the most feared ocean predator, the great white shark, could be listed as an endangered species. today the state fish and game commission put new protections for the shark into place. it will be treated as if it were endangered. recent counts
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between marin and mexico, 339. >> huh. we're going to have to send somebody into the water to verify. >> i nominate anchorman. [ laughter ] >> that was quick. i see an assignment for mobile 5. [ laughter ] >> clouds moving in, not as chilly, but still below normal. concord 40, livermore 39. san rafael will drop down to 29. dry conditions, scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow, tomorrow night, and lasting till about lunchtime on friday. we could use some rain! the average rainfall from christmas to today is about 5 inches. we have had 0.10 of that! we're not going to get much, but we will get some
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coming up soon. so that clockwise swirl moving into the great seattle area? the low pressure is going to pass by to the north. then often the lows drag a front down. there's just enough moisture to give us a quarter of an inch of rainfall at most between thursday and friday combined. that's it. just after thanksgiving, you had 6-8 inches of rainfall. rainfall will be around till about lunchtime on frodz. the forecast models have -- friday. high pressure off to the west, close enough to keep us dry and give us a northerly flow. plan on chilling with code nights for a week to 1.5 weeks. and our forecast says nothing more than 0.10 of an inch of rain from this front. showers get here tomorrow morning on and off through friday. and lows will be near freezing over the weekend.
10:22 pm
watch out for some frost in the inland valleys coming up on both saturday and sunday. concord 54, san jose 55, well below normal, and we'll see some showers from santa rosa to saucelito. sunny over the weekend, upper 50s, and 60 degrees for much of next week. wet for a little bit, then dry for a bigger bit. >> that could become a problem if we keep this up. >> we need some rain. making his case musically, how this man managed to charm his way through his court hearing. ,,
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mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t.
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quite a week this week for the courtroom. last night we met a miami woman who flipped off a judge and earned herself 30 days in jail. and tonight, a man who knows how to charm the man on the bench. take a look.
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>> they tried to put it on me, and then they put it on me like night. >> not bad at all, sir. very good. >> not bad. in fact, yes, he is rapping about his innocence. and it was going well until an obscenity slipped in there. and the judge cut him off and told him the show was over. just in time for valentine's day, nothing says i love you like a face tattoo. >> the girlfriend of a belgian tattoo artist let him ink her face with 5-inch tall letters on the first day they met. the couple connected online in e-mailed back and forth for a month when they finally got together, both with face tattoos. she agreed saying it's a symbol of their love. the good news, if there is any, they are engaged. >> looks like rhino with that. [ laughter ]
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this is the express lane. getting a ticket. and thisis the fast track. this is the fastest in-home wi-fi for all rooms, all devices, all the time. this is xfinity internet. call or click to get started today. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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ours after making how do you put a super bowl loss into perspective? just ask delaney walker. hours after making this catch in the super bowl, walker's aunt and uncle were killed when their car was struck by a drunk driver outside of new orleans. 49ers general manager released a statement today expressing condolences. mark jackson's warriors gave up 140 last night. of not much better tonight against the thunder. warriors turned it over 19 times.
10:29 pm
8-point thunder lead. oklahoma city stretch today to 20 in the 2nd quarter. the thunder win 119-98. stanford trying to chop down their second top-10 opponent. 3-point cardinal lead over arizona in the 2nd half. they got 15 by mark lions in the 2nd and beat the cardinals 73-66. and mount davis was built for the raiders. today the team announced they will close it off next season to lower the coliseum's capacity to 53,000. tv blackouts should not be an issue next season. >> yeah, good for us. ,, ,,

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